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Goliath Beetle

I took this photo at the Montreal Insectarium, and the whole reason for liking this beetle was the parts near the eyes that look like mega thick eye-lashes. Not many people would find a beetle pretty, but I think this one just looks so flirtatious!

Eutrachelus temmincki

Eutrachelus temmincki, from Indonesia, is classified as a Brentidae. Brentidae is a cosmopolitan family of primarily xylophagous beetles also known as straight-snouted weevils.

Carabidae: Cicindela nitida.Cicindela nitida SE Primorskiy reg., Lazo nature reserve Perekatnaya river, 20.06.97 leg. Yu. Sundukov Male Body length 17 mm

Carabidae: Cicindela nitida - M. Smirnov - new macro photos for atlas of beetles of Russia and adjacent countries (September