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Русский Язык — межзвёздный язык

Wiktor Korolkow, Space ship No. Will spaceship bring space potato? No earth potato, is hard time.

Die vedische Literatur - die 4 Veden

Scholars roughly date the Bhagavad Gita to the period between 200 BCE and 200 CE, the Gita having been influenced by the soteriologies of Buddhism, Jainism, Samkhya and Yoga

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Along with the legends of Atlantis in ancient history living legend of Hyperborea - the country in which he lived a holy nation, situating abilities.

Fantasy Old Russia.  Svesvolod Ivanov

Vsevolod Ivanov is a painter who imagines an ancient Rus that is far different than the history we have been told. His idyllic and fantastic Slavic world contains gods, flying ships, dragons, mythic b

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The artist Vsevolod Ivanov presents us the Ancient Rus’ as he imagined it. He is deeply convinced that the history of ancient Russia is distorted or fabricated. Ivanov collects old tales and …

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