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'Talking to Me' (2013) porcelain sculpture by Johnson Tsang

'Talking to Me' porcelain sculpture by Johnson Tsang ? When u stare into the abyss the abyss stares back into you?

Rest easy amongst the treetops with this breathtakingly beautiful forest wallpaper. Intense hues of emerald green contrast the thick mist, giving your bedroom spaces depth and character.

It would be too easy hitting the snooze button in a bedroom like this! "Hygge" helps to remind us of the importance of comfortable home design. This forest wallpaper certainly brings us back to nature and instills a sense of tranquility into your home.

'Beyond Earth' poster series by Stephen Di Donato [where's Pluto? I don't care if it's not a planet anymore according to NASA, I still think it's a planet.]

There's no Pluto though. :( //Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato - I love the colors going along with the main colors of the planets themselves, as well as how it coordinates with the background and words of each picture.

typography type specimen - Google Search

The curves of the letters is used to make beautiful decorative design. The high contrast between the black and white creates interest while still being balanced.