Tape resist watercolor painting - a fun art project for young kids! || Gift of Curiosity

Tape resist watercolor painting

Tape resist watercolor painting is a class art project for young children. Use tape to create patterns on your paper, then paint between the tape lines.

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Kailey Whitman's Nature Scenes Showcase the Beauty of Earth

Kailey Whitman illustration - Whitman's layering here is stunning, I love the line work and the movement throughout the entire illustration! She's definitely a big inspiration for me.

Sunflower in watercolour inspired by this online painting course by Angela Fehr

Sunflower in watercolour inspired by by Angela Fehr❤Currently taking a watercolor class in college and the process of making lovely work is VERY strategic but I love the art of getting that brush soaked and making something beautiful out of a runny mess!

Finishing Touches on Watercolor Painting

How to Paint a Daisy in Watercolor

You won't believe how easy it is to paint stunning, vivid flowers in watercolor! We'll show you how to paint a daisy in just 6 steps on Craftsy.

This Modern Vertical Succulent Planter will add a charm to your home. Check out the DIY!

DIY Modern Vertical Succulent Planter

DuttonArt | Back on the PCH, I met a cyclist touring down from...

duttonart: “ Back on the PCH, I met a cyclist touring down from Washington, named Willi. He told me about how he left his bartending job, how to load a touring rig, how to get an A+ in passing.

Colour sketch of trees by kios18.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Watecolour on paper . x I love to paint trees in various forms, this was done from a village near my city . a little sketch Colour sketch of trees