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Jump Rope Dress Sew-Along ~ The Plackets

Type a LOT of trouble for such a basic result, but VERY interesting if you're a placket geek:) Jump Rope Dress Sew-Along ~ Placket Markings & Creation

Seam Pocket - minimalist fashion design detail; sewing ideas // All Saints

Welt seam LSq: It is made by superimposing two plies with the raw edges uneven and sewing a plain seam; both seam allowances are pressed in one direction and topstitched to catch the wider seam allowance.

Tatianologia: Декоративная молния

Tatianologia: Декоративная молния, nice gros grain treatment of zipper

Рубашки: в поисках вдохновения / Рубашки / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

a caelo usque ad centrum - from the sky into the center. A collection of pictures: Colors - threads,.

Универсальный ключ к пошиву платьев

Универсальный ключ к пошиву платьев

Couturier | Высокое шитьё

Lately we have been experimenting with our existing patterns, ironing out any quirks and bumps and generally making things better. One thing that came to our attention is the method for sewing the exposed zipper in our “Relaxed Shift Dress” pattern, as it

Freeman Teecool Bicolor

easy pocket detail, small but big