I've drawn inspiration from these designs by Shanti Sparrow, an artist on Behance. I love the bright and bold colours that she's incorporated in the designs, and I love the graphics and how they've been laid out accordingly. In my own magazine, I want to employ a colour scheme of bright, vibrant colours and this has given me some inspiration on how I can.

When I am not illustrating I am a commercial graphic designer. I have been working in Australia since 2009 and am currently freelance with an amazing boutique studio called Bug Communica…

Beautiful typesetting and grid. Anatomy book. Osteology by Irene Shkarovska, via Behance

Pinned for the exquisite grid system: Anatomy book. Osteology by Irene Shkarovska, via Behance

= ≠ on Behance - created via https://pinthemall.net

This is an interesting layout. There is an apparent grid, but it is a good example of testing the boundaries of a grid. The contrasting colours in the media used to produce a physical copy enhances the visual interest past the design of the grid.

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Giddy+UpWhat do you get when you combine a love for Helvetica, Swiss style poster art and horse racing jockey shirts. The short answer. Giddy+Up.Today I gave myself a 3 hour branding exercise to develop my skills. I am a sucker for cool race horse na…