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Sardines #backpain #neckpain #nutrition

My Top 10 Seafoods with Lowest Mercury Levels (and my 10 Highest) . (…also a list of seafoods the Alaskan Dept of Health allows and encourages pregnant women [and everyone else] to eat in UNLIMITED quantity!

Raw Meat Shoot for Cannings Free Range Butcher on Behance

Keifer dates back thousands of year.Back then they usually used animal skin bags (usually lined by intestines or intestines were placed in these animal skin bags) to ferment their milk as they usually travel many miles.

Top view on two raw dorado fish with rosemary and sea salt on grill over old wooden table. See series

The main dish on this island is fish. This is how I imagine it. It is very bland. This is one of the few foods they eat at the beginning of the book.

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