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a slice of cake with pastel colors and gold sprinkles
Easter Kool Aid Pie - My Incredible Recipes
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Easter Study: Preparing our hearts – Emily's Project List
how to make a no - sew sock bunny from socks and other things you can knit
How to make a no sew sock bunny
two pictures of bread and eggs on a cutting board, one has an egg in the shape of a bunny
22 Simple Warm Brown Home Design and Decor Ideas to Update Your Living Space - The Trending House
rice krispie nests are an easy easter treat
Over 30 Easter Fun Food Ideas, Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and Crafts for Kids to Make
homemade handmade potato easter egg stamps for kids to paint on the paper and decorate
DIY Potato Easter Egg Stamps for Kids
four buckets filled with colored eggs sitting on the floor next to an egg hunt
Over 30 Easter Fun Food Ideas, Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and Crafts for Kids to Make
an easter egg craft for kids with paper plates and crayons
a bulletin board with pictures of different things to do in the day, sunday and sunday
The Holy Week
What a week! When you believe that Jesus Christ is the living Son of God, and want to impress these truths upon your children, the week before Easter is a busy one. Praise the Lord above that their…
watercolor surprise easter egg art project for kids to do on the table with eggs
Watercolor Surprise Easter Egg Art for Kids
There are two watercolor techniques that can be used to create watercolor surprise Easter Egg art for kids using our FREE Easter Egg printable template. Invite children to paint Easter Egg art using a watercolor resist medium or the wet-on-wet watercolor
an egg carton filled with colored eggs and the words, the easter story in eggs
Easter advent with a piece of scripture and a prop to tell the Easter story during the 12 days leading up to it. #12 is empty for the empty tomb.
two hats sitting on top of a table filled with snacks and candy bar wrappers
Easter Basket Idea for Teenagers
Great idea for older boys who no longer want to carry around Easter baskets! Fill up hats with some of their favorite snacks. Saving this....
an egg carton filled with lots of different colored eggs next to a notepad
{ Mormon Share } Easter Walk
8 day walk with Christ for Easter
paper plate crafts for kids that are colorful and easy to make with the kids's hands
Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting Craft for Kids
Easter Craft for Kids using pom poms, clothespins, and paint!
a person laying on the ground in front of a window with light coming through it
HE is risen!
four glasses filled with pink liquid and marshmallows on top of green grass
DIY Bunny Tail Drink Stirrers
DIY Bunny Drink Stirrers for Easter!
the final week of the savor's life study packet is shown in this image
The Last Hours of Christ's Life - Study Packet
Free study packet about the final weeks of the Savior's life. This is a really in-depth study!