Well here's the first part to my 3 part Dragon tutorial. Hope this helps whoever needs it. if you see any mistakes please let me know about them. Dragon tutorial Part I

guess what trailer i was looking at yesterday by nebezial.deviantart.com on @deviantART (Smaug)

guess what trailer i was looking at yesterday by nebezial on deviantART

sketches of dragons

Dragon Anatomy - Advanced (by *KyriaDori on deviantART). So, basically dragons are a just a weird combination of flying horse cats.

Dragon architecture, Riga, via Flickr.

The Imperial House of Vallely both revere and revile dragons. The Vallely dynasty emblem has been a dragon for 500 years, but the Cold Chaos Dragon recently claimed Emperor Maxcillion's life, in and is hunted accordingly.

Water Dragon Parchment Book of Shadows Page or Poster | eBay

Water Dragon Parchment Book of Shadows Page

Magickal Products Fire Dragon [EPFIRD] - Beseeching the Fire Dragon as a guardian, and wise spirit of the heart, the Fire Dragon poster displays a lovely prayer to the Fire Dragon to aid you in finding passion and the hidden mysteries.

Torino, Corso Francia, Casa dei Draghi/Palazzo della Vittoria von Gottardo Gussoni (art nouveau house) by HEN-Magonza, via Flickr | JV

Turin, Corso Francia, Casa dei Draghi / Palace of Victory von Gottardo Gussoni (art nouveau house)

everytime you pick up a board game and theres no dice in there its probably this dragons fault  size: 8.5 by 11 inches

°Hoard of Dice ~ UNUSUAL HOARD by iguanamouth ~for psychologicalmumbojumbo hey you know whats impossible to get tired of after drawing 1000 times. not dice

dragon - Google-haku

Dragons - imagine this as a little reading nook in a garden (ima try and find an awesome person to carve it for me someday)

Dragonhead Tutorial part 5 by *alecan on deviantART repinned by www.BlickeDeeler.de:

A tutorial on how to draw a dragonhead from the side. (This is part of a tutorial series. Part Three Part Four Dragonhead Tutorial part two