Karmanova Alexandra

Karmanova Alexandra

Karmanova Alexandra
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When ever I have a chance to cut class I go to the band room. A matter of fact, once I didn't realize I was suppose to go to class after an in school concert and just stayed at the band room but my teacher let it slip, lol

https://flic.kr/p/oRq17g | A caress of the void | Etsy Blog Facebook  cape by the Seamstress of Rohan

Here we are basically we’re outside. I think it’s, what, two o’clock in the afternoon, so fairly bright day. All I’m using is my, I’ve got a Nikon with a 70 to

by Arseniy Kotov

socheritage: ““Kukuruza" or “Terka” Apartment building, Osipenko st. built in designed by architect: A. photo by via