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a close up of a black leopard looking at the camera
three lions walking down a dirt road in the wild
a cat sitting in front of a blue window on the side of a white building
two foxes cuddle in the snow with their heads on each other's shoulders
a large white bird standing on top of a body of water under a full moon
two snow leopards are standing next to each other
two koalas are sitting on top of each other in the tree trunk together
a large bird with its wings spread in front of the sun
a young lion cub climbing up the side of a tree to reach it's head
Lion Cub
Lion (Panthera leo) / Image by barry_peiser (Barry_Peiser) from instagram
two black leopards are standing in the woods
wildlife bigcats (@wildlife_bigcats) posted on Instagram • Feb 14, 2021 at 1:28pm UTC