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You could just stick an LED strip light under your kitchen cabinets. Or you can make it beautiful and professional — without the expenses. LEDdrop profiles are the solution.

LEDdrop aluminum channels bring out the best of LED strip lights: not only do they diffuse the LEDs, but they also provide a professional and modern aesthetic.

More helpful hints on getting to know light. | Pegasus Lighting Blog | Do you know watt the heck a lumen is?

Incandescent (watts) v lumens (LED) - Incandescent lights range from to while CFLs and LEDs are available across the spectrum

Choosing an LED bulb is like finding a romantic partner: You gotta know what you’re looking for, so you know when you’ve found it.

Professional Life: Choosing an LED bulb is a good thing to do because they burn longer, consume less energy, and produce less waste.