Виноградова Анфиса Юрьевна

Виноградова Анфиса Юрьевна

Виноградова Анфиса Юрьевна
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~Kawaii Anime Girls Goth~

shiroiroom: “Alien twins from outer space make their best to make this planet be less grey. Portrait commission - left: tissylicious IG: // right: Emu IG: ” (Best Friend Anime)

I don't have any words. Just really like this pic desu~ qwq:

This is Zink, he is a hybrid experiment gone wrong. His creator messed up in him and he wants revenge. So he takes kids and tried to turn them into hybrids like him. He's an evil sick man who cares about no one.

She's so cute and pretty! #Purple fluffy haaair

She is 15 years old but is a loli type. She is very popular in school and among boys, but doesn't get involved with the wrong ppl. She luvs sweets and frilly things!