Robocar Poli Cake - Cake by The Sweetery - by Diana

Robocar Poli cake for Marc Andre’s birthday. The star of the cake was Roy the Firetruck, the celebrant’s favorite character. We made him out of rice krispies.

Robocar Poli -Korean Made TV Animation Toy-Fire Engine- Roi/Roy (Transformer):

Robocar Poli Transformer Toy - Roi: Robocar Poli Transformer Toy - Roi Robocar Poli fans will love this transformer Roi. when standing, it transforms from a fire engine into a robot to help anyone in danger.

e203ec823ad38cd642baddfb09f51720.jpg (736×736)

e203ec823ad38cd642baddfb09f51720.jpg (736×736)