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Фото: And now to round them all up, my favorite: Anime: Bleach ~Ryū♥

Grimmjow oh his facial expressions are all ways to die for!

I was watching bleach and the fact that Ichigo remembered Grimmjow's name in the first fight scared me cause somehow I went from Grimmjow to Grin jaw, to cream jell XD

Chibi Grimmjow - Bleach

Baww, a cute Grimmjow! (He is far from cute in the actual Bleach series, but fan art does wonders.


Headcanons from the RPers. Here you can submit your Headcanons about Bleach characters for everyone to see (This includes OC Headcanons). There is an anonymous option so don't be afraid to send stuff in.

bleach grimmjow, espada

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Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez // Bleach ♥

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