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Olympics branding

Dynamic and interesting identity for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which works beautifully with imagery and scope for Men's Super Hero Shirts, Women's Super Hero Shirts, Leggings, Gadgets

New Logo and Identity for Table Tennis X (TTX) by Brand Union

Mix of Strong Vibrant Colours with Solid / Strong fonts, brush font "get into it", script front "be." and graphic circle elements

Created by San Francisco based designer: Phil Pham / philphamdesign.com -- Massachusett's TEDxCambridge event is the largest TEDx event in the world with nearly 2,000 attendees. In anticipation for the even't pivotal growth, TEDxCambridge needed updated event branding, conference wayfinding, and digital marketing to draw attendees into the ecosystem and engage them throughout the Boston Opera House.

Ok so i have always wanted to get the chance to speak at a Ted talk because they're just amazing and so nice


This is the best collection of undercut hairstyles for men EVER! Undercuts of the past were very straight forward and were very much a DIY at home type of hairstyle. Buzz the sides, leave the top longer and