Maria Ana Victoria de Borbon (7 Years Old)

1725 (after) Infanta María Ana Victoria de Borbón by Jean Ranc

Maria Ana Victoria de Borbon (7 Years Old) b

Infanta Mariana Victoria de Borbón y Farnesio by Jean Ranc, 1725

Philip Of Spain (5 Years Old)

Jean Ranc: Portrait of the Infante Philip of Spain later Duke of Parma.

Charles III of Spain (9 Years Old)

Portrait of Charles de Bourbon future Carlos III King of Spain, by Jean Ranc,

Louis I of Spain (16 Years Old)

Louis I, King of Spain, 1724 (Jean Ranc) Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Philip Of Spain, Duke Of Parma, As A Child

Felipe de Borbón, Duque de Parma (aka Felipe I de Parma), third son of Felipe V, King of Spain, and Isabel de Farnesio. By Jean Ranc

Ferdinand VI As Prince

Jean Ranc — Portrait of Ferdinand VI of Spain as Prince, 1723 : The Museo del Prado, Madrid.