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christmas pretzel hugs on a baking sheet
These M&M Pretzel Hugs are the perfect Christmas treat. The combination of a salty pretzel, with cre
20min · 12 servings Frankenstein Ho Ho’s INGREDIENTS: • 1 Ho Ho Swiss roll cake • Candy corn • Green candy melts • Candy eyes • Sprinkles, purple and white 1. Melt Melt the green candy melts and dip the cake half way into it. 2. Dip Dip the top of the green cake into purple sprinkles. 3. Insert Insert a candy corn into each side of the cake. 4. Finish Finish with candy eyes and a white sprinkle for the mouth. 5. Let set And enjoy!
a woman holding a metal bowl in her hand and standing next to a kitchen counter
1206-9 Genser med Rund Sal i 2024 | Tovet genser, Genser, Gensere