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El tiro de un pantalón, en el patrón.

McCalls M5633 Cargo Pant-Entry 5-The Bum Adjustment

The Bum Adjustment. Protruding Rear-End Adjustment. Junk in the Trunk Adjustment, whatever you want to call it adjustment. That is my next step on these pants. Although I’v…

Устранение дефектов брюк

Устранение дефектов брюк Camel toe correction reduce outside leg seam,i


Pattern adjustments for bandy legs or knock knees - the original is in ? Russian so I am purely speculating here. Adjustments are in the side seam! Initially I thought they were the wrong way round.anyhow, I thought it was very useful!

Systemschnitt_1 - high waisted pant with double 'breast' buttons (trousers)

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atelie_2002__1-6_091 (529x700, 182Kb) pants alteration

atelie_2002__1-6_091 (529x700, 182Kb) pants alteration

Выкройка брюк "бананы" из легкой шерсти...<3 Deniz <3

кройка и шитье

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cool The Ultimate Pant Lenghts Fashion Vocabulary by http://www.redfashiontrends.us/fashion-designers/the-ultimate-pant-lenghts-fashion-vocabulary/

The Ultimate Pant Lenghts Fashion Vocabulary