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Jean Michel Basquiat

Toms shoes pair of the Toms shoes is mainly covered by canvas* which is made out of cotton and post-consumer plastic waste. Toms is willing to recycle the waste and turn it into production materials. shoes insole is made out of pig suede


The design that started it all! A graphic interpretation of the New York City subway system. Original artwork inspired by the subway map. Standard size for easy

метро Нью-Йорка *США

Standardized Metro Maps Around the World (by Jug Cerovic) French-Serbian architect Jug Cerovic has standardized international subway maps with INAT, a guideline developed to unify the global metro network with easy to read and memorize charts. Each city’s

Графика и взаимодействие Claudiabasel

Графика и взаимодействие Claudiabasel