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I purchased myself the Rigid 10 Table saw, I really like the saw, but I noticed that the blade and Miter slot parallel alignment just wasn't up to my.

Kerf Dado Setting Jig made from a T-track

*Kerf Setting Dado Jig made from a cut-off left over piece of T-track * Most of us who are into woodworking have seen this nice Kerf setting tool in the market and also we have all noticed its ridiculously high price.

Kerf Making Jig

Every once in a while I will have the need to make a dado for another piece of stock to fit into. This usually requires a very tight fitting dado.

90° jig for table saw blade

The jig is simple to construct. It consists of two boards mated together which are off-set. Two screws are used to position the jig consistently against the surface being measured/adjusted.