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JAZZ - "Monterey Jazz Festival", Poster - Illustration and Graphic by Pablo Lobato Argentine).



Darya Martynova

Minimal type and computer graphics-inspired experimental posters from Chae Byung-rok

Awdee. Графический дизайн

Awdee. Графический дизайн

Design, typography

Love the mix of type and image. "La pechuga de la sardina" by Isidro Ferrer…

D Weimar

Type is bended here to create a shadowed and style while still making the text readable.

Lamm and Kirch - Designers Open Poster.


"Letters and Life" poster by Mitsuo Katsui. I believe it's an ad for some kind of font. Love the blurred lines and colouring.


garadinervi: “ Jessica Svendsen Proposed poster for the Yale School of Architecture 2014 Open House / feat. on Netdiver BOTY 14 / ”

mpdrolet:  Tatiana Leshkina & Erik Hart

Charlie May Fall/Winter 2012 Photo: Tatiana Leshkina