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macaroni and cheese is being cooked in a skillet with the words instant pot mac and cheese
Instant Pot Mac and Cheese
Creamy and delicious Instant Pot Mac and Cheese! 🧀🍲 Whip up this quick and easy recipe for a satisfying comfort food fix. #InstantPot #MacAndCheese #ComfortFood #Homemade #EasyRecipes #CheesyGoodness #QuickDinner #FoodieFavorites #CookingWithLove
Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats
Calling all red, white, and blue foodies! These Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats are the perfect way to add a festive touch to any celebration, from Memorial Day picnics to Fourth of July barbecues or even a simple afternoon snack attack.
how to make sun - dried tomatoes in the oven with text overlay that reads, how to make sun - dried tomatoes
Oven-Dried Roasted Sun Dried Tomatoes
Got an abundance of tomatoes from your garden? You need to make Oven-Dried Roasted Sun-Dried Tomatoes. These are so delicious and bursting with flavor! #sundried #ovenroasted #tomatoes #sundriedtomatoes #ovenroastedtomatoes #easyrecipe #momknowsbest #food
a hand holding a cookie dough truffles in front of a plate with cookies on it
Vegan Gingerbread Cookie dough Christmas Truffles Recipe (Easy, No Bake Dessert)
Need easy vegan Christmas treats for gifts, snacks or a holiday dessert recipe idea? Make this gluten free gingerbread cookie dough into easy no bake Christmas truffles or gingerbread men Christmas cookies for kids as a homemade DIY gift! #veganchristmas #gingerbread #nobakecookies #nobakedessert #vegandessertrecipes #nutfree#glutenfreevegan #vegansnack #vegandessert #christmastreats #christmasdessert
a glass jar filled with granola on top of a table next to a tray of cookies
The Best Gluten-Free Granola Recipe with Flaxseeds and Trail Mix -
granola in a jar and on a pan
a glass jar filled with cinnamons sitting on top of a wooden table
How to Make Cinnamon Extract
Homemade cinnamon extract is the kitchen essential you didn't know you needed. It's delightfully aromatic and flavorful providing a pleasant bit of spice and a subtle sweetness to your favorite recipes. Visit the site for the full tutorial and learn how to make cinnamon extract today!
the best air fryer donuts are made with just three ingredients, and they're ready to be eaten
The Best Air Fryer Donuts
Crispy, fluffy, and unbelievably easy! Our air fryer donuts redefine the joy of homemade treats. Experience the perfect balance of sweetness without the excess oil—your taste buds will thank you!
yummy appetizer garlic dip on a plate with tortilla chips
Garlic Dip Recipe: A Delicious and Crowd-Pleasing Appetizer
Yummy appetizer from Tomorrow is a Mother Day
an easy and tasty strawberry cobbler recipe that is perfect for summer coolness
A Fresh Bake on Easy, Homemade Cakey Strawberry Cobbler - Literally Laurie
A Fresh Bake on Easy, Homemade Cakey Strawberry Cobbler - Literally Laurie
Rainbow Fruit Plate 🌈
No matter if someone is celebrating, learning, or just wanting a snack, this healthy rainbow themed snack is good for your overall wellness throughout Pride Month. • Here are some fruit choices for each color to customize your own Rainbow Fruit Plate: • Red – Strawberries, watermelon, raspberries • Orange – Oranges, peaches, cantaloupe • Yellow – Bananas, lemon, pineapple • Green – Kiwi, green apple, lime • Blue – Blueberries, elderberries, fig • Purple – Grapes, plums, blackberries
Easy and delicious plant-based nutty gnocchi recipe! Gnocchi, Meals, Vegan Shredded Cheese, Gnocchi Recipes, How To Cook Gnocchi, Nutritious Meals, Vegan Parmesan
Plant-Based Nutty Gnocchi Recipe
This nutty gnocchi recipe is one of my all-time favorites! I make it plant-based personally, but you can modify it however you like! With the toasty pine nuts complementing the fried garlic and onion, and paired with crispy gnocchi, you head right into flavor town here! It has a quick prep and cook time too. This recipe is an easy weeknight meal, or anytime, meal! Try it out :)
the best fruit salad with fresh fruits and mint leaves
The Best Fruit Salad
This summer fruit salad is gorgeous in a bowl and unbelievably simple to make. It is made with a variety of fruits like peaches, nectarines, fresh berries, and cherries. a fresh and healthy side dish for all the BBQs and potlucks this summer.
the cover of delicious, easy and cheesy baked tortilla
Delicious, Easy, and Cheesy Baked Tortellini Recipe
The weather was cold the last few days so comfort food was my answer for dinner. I love this delicious baked tortellini recipe because my kids devour it, it’s super easy to make, and it’s very filling! Check it out and let me know what you think.
delicious one - pan cilantro - lime shrimp, black beans, and rice
Delicious One-Pan Cilantro-Lime Shrimp, Black Beans, and Rice
Lately I've been craving this recipe BIG TIME! I love this recipe because it is a healthy shrimp recipe that your whole family will love. It's a great week night dinner recipe. This is a perfect recipe for Cinco De Mayo.