Watermelon , children’s summer refreshment By MelkiNAvailable to license exclusively at Stocksy ❥

photoshoot! when he is older to match the baby one

'Watermelon Smash' for a Summer mini session/ photo shoot ~ Great for baby or toddler!

Child Photography | Watermelon | Mini Session                                                                                                                                                     More

Child Photography | Watermelon | Mini Session More

Watermelon Mini Sessions Summer Melon Mini Sessions RFK Photography

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watermelon + hammock + straw hats = dreamy summer photoshoot // someday i'll have a couple kids to do this with!

Smash Fruit  #Baby #smashfruit #photossmash

cutest thing ever!


I love the watermelon photo idea. :) I saw it on someones FB photog page too. She had one girl in a little white dress and one in a navy blue dress. I am stoked to dress up the girls for this.

Watermelon photo session. #charleelifestylephotography #childrensphotography #lifestylephotography

Watermelon photo session. #charleelifestylephotography #childrensphotography #lifestylephotography