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a painting of a man and his dog in the snow by a red phone booth
“Pub lunch” by Reg Mummery.
an image of a house in the woods at night
a painting of a person walking their dog down a snowy road with a house in the background
an animated image of a door to a building with a sign that says red lobster inn
a painting of a man standing on a boat in the water next to a building
Telegram: Contact @amphibian
a painting of people sitting at tables in an alleyway with the moon shining down
an orange tree with fruit hanging from it's branches in front of a house
Persimmon tree
an oil painting of people walking down a path at night with street lights lit up
Northern Lights is a series of 250 oil paintings by British Artist Chris Cyprus which brought him international acclaim — Chris Cyprus
a drawing of a city street at night with cars parked on the side of the road
National Bank of Hungary in Budapest
a black and white drawing of a fairy sitting on the ground