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40 All-time Cutest Miniature Painting Ideas

Acrylic Painting

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Homemade Cards

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Healing Is Not Linear by thefrizzkid


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Signed print of original acrylic painting. Printed on premium matte fine art paper. Available framed or unframed or as canvas prints


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Journal ideas

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a drawing of a girl with stars coming out of her hair
a table with several different items on it and the words, weekly awareness for growth
9 Cards Week Ahead Tarot Spread - Backyard Banshee
9 Cards Week Ahead Tarot Spread - Backyard Banshee
a poster with the words tune in to higher frequency, and numbers on it
a girl holding her hands up to the sky with text overlay that reads, how to get started accepting gifts from spirit guides
Tarot Spread - Channeling Spirit Guides — Emerald Lotus
a person is sitting on the ground with their feet up and there are four squares in front of them
Tarot Spread - Times of Uncertainty — Emerald Lotus
a tarot spread to lift spirits with four squares in the middle and one square at the top
Incandescent Tarot - Chin Up Tarot Spread
the four types of frequently tarot spread
Beginners Guide to Tarot - The Goddess Psyche
a purple poster with the words,'a spread for transformation'and five steps to
Transformation Tarot Spread
a poster with the words living authentically and an image of a mushroom on it
wander & wonder
the steps to help children learn how to use their cell phone
the tarot spread to connect with your higher self is shown in black and white
Tarot Spread to Connect With Your Higher Self