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an ornate wooden door with decorative carvings on it
Viking Door
Viking Door ..rh
an old wooden door with two glass windows
The picture was taken in Ukraine.
the inside of an old church with stone arches and grass growing in front of it
Tintern Abbey in south Wales was dissolved by Henry VIII. The Abbey is 881 years old.
Tintern Abbey in south Wales was dissolved by Henry VIII, England. The Abbey is 881 years old. | by Ro Ariass on Flickr
an old blue door with a rusted metal handle
aged to perfection
an old metal door is shown in black and grey colors with intricate designs on it
Prague, Czech Republic
an ornate wooden door on the side of a brick building
alexsukonkin.com -&nbspalexsukonkin Resources and Information.
Metal vintage door. Stockholm
a red and blue front door with potted plants
The blue door.
Blue door with red accent.
an old door is open in front of a blue building
Farmhouse Door
old door
an open door with potted plants in front of it and the words wooden doors
Clam Cannery door, Port Townsend, Washington.
a metal lion head on the side of a building with it's mouth open
Petit Cabinet de Curiosites
historyfan: Panther’s head door ornament. From a set of bronze doors from a 20th century inter-war building at 7 Water Street; Liverpool. Part of which formed the head office for the Bank of Liverpool.
an ornate yellow door with two black knobs on it's sides, in front of a stone wall
Yellow door in Tunisia (by khowaga1, via Flickr) (Thanks @Lisa Phillips-Barton A. Franklin for pinning the image that led me to the source.)
a red door is in front of a gray wall
Barrio Yungay
Santiago, Chile
an old door handle with a face on it's front and side paneling
Door Knocker 15
Door Knocker in Florence, Italy
a horse head mounted to the side of a wooden wall next to a roped door