Indie Rock- Target Audience

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Oasis represent a lot of what out target audience are. Such as there style,attitudes and clothes they wear.
They are most likely  to wear skinny jeans and t-shirts with logos with bands name on. Aswell as wearing brands such as Vans and Converse.
Some of the target audience try to avoid buying clothes from mainstream shops so they decide to get it form various charity shops such as Oxfam
It is also quite possible that they play a musical instrument themselves such as a guitar as music is an important part of there life.
Also because of age of my target audience they are most likely to be a student. They also think that music is a big part of there lives as they go to gigs and listen to music on the go through there ipod.
According to research done by NME magazine the indie rock genre appeals to both genders. However there magazine subscribers are 66% male and 34% female. My target audience are going to be between the age of 16 and 24 as they are the most likely age group to listen to indie rock.

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