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a man in a suit and tie standing in front of paintings
D. Rafael de Orleans e Bragança
a man and woman sitting next to each other in an old fashioned photo studio setting
an old black and white photo of a stage
an old painting of a man in uniform
“Dom Pedro II, Herói da Guerra do Paraguai” pintura de Victor Meirelles 1870.
Homem Africano - Albert Eckhout Africa, Anthropologie, African, Indigenous North Americans, African Diaspora, African Art, West Africa, Black Indians, Indigenous Americans
Albert Eckhout | Pinturas do Brasil holandês
Homem Africano - Albert Eckhout
a painting of a man carrying a child on his shoulders and holding a basket over his head
A teoria do valor tupinambá
an image of a painting with people in the woods and animals around it, surrounded by trees
A História Taxonômica do gênero Monodelphis -- por Nelson Fernandes Gomes © 2018 -2024
a painting of a man carrying a basket on his head while standing next to a child
#Índia tupi
Pintura de Albert Eckhout, 1641
an ornate gold clock with four lions around it
Trono do Senado Imperial - Desconhecido - Google Arts & Culture
an ornate gold and blue wall hanging with two crowns on it's sides, surrounded by leaves
Leilão em 18/04/2017
Brasão do Império do Brasil. Executado em madeira esculpida. policromada e dourada. Cerca de 1860. Medidas 74 x 77 x 14 cm
an old drawing of a man in uniform with a medal around his neck and shoulders
Fatos Históricos do dia 2 de agosto - Contemplação Humanística
Contemplação humanística: Fatos Históricos do dia 2 de agosto - Contemplação...
a painting of a man and woman with two children
Pedro I of Brazil with his first wife Maria Leopoldina
Pedro II de Brasil (1825-1891) Emperador de Brasil (1831-1889). Beards, Beard, Family
Pedro II de Brasil (1825-1891) Emperador de Brasil (1831-1889).