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Store fronts that are unique. Quaint little shops to duck into. Interesting and unique! PINTEREST RECOMMENDS NOT COPYING ENTIRE BOARDS OR PINNING MORE THAN 10-15 PINS FROM ANY BOARD AT A TIME. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE!
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an old stone building with red flowers growing out of it's windows and doors
Camping Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur - Camping PACA - CAMPINGS D'ALPES PROVENCE COTE D'AZUR
an ice cream cone is hanging on the door handle and it's made out of wood
Dwellings By DeVore
ice cream cone door handle
a neon sign with an ice cream cone in the shape of a man holding his hand up
Biggest Ice Cream Man in Wildwood NJ Wheeeee
*Ice Cream Man, Wildwood NJ.
an umbrella hanging from the side of a building
Saint Jean Pied-de-Port enseigne
a painting of an old building with windows and shutters
Paris - a man told us try every door to see of it was unlocked...and open it. secret beauty behind every door.
an egg shop on the corner of a city street
a store front on the side of a city street
Cutlery Stores. Lovely sign.
a bicycle parked in front of a store window
Aaron Purkey on Instagram: “Bike ride in the Upper East Side”
an entrance to the world's end restaurant on a brick building with red trim
The World's End Pub / London
an alley way with people walking and shopping on the sidewalks in front of buildings at dusk
Top 10 Cities To Visit In Europe This Year
Salzburg, Austria | Getreidegasse - pedestrian street in the old town |