Юлия Матвеева

Юлия Матвеева

Юлия Матвеева
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Sean Cochran one of the most recognized golf fitness trainers on the Tour today demonstrates over 75 medicine ball exercises to develop flexibility for a bigger shoulder turn, core training to strengthen the lower back, endurance exercises to finish every round strong, and power training for increasing the distance of every club in your bag.

The best golf driving tips to help you get off the tee box ready to make a good score. Green Lantern Golf is the source for lowering golf scores.

Golf ball alignment

This one is a little closer to the way that I place the ball - Correct Golf Ball Position

Golfer Girl Teeoff Accent by SportsArtZoo #sportsArtZoo #golf #female #girl

Golfer Girl Teeoff Accent for Golf fans.

Lady Golfer #Golf #Golfinporto

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