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a woman with long black hair wearing a white shirt and pink hat, standing in front of a colorful background
there is a lego woman standing in front of some colorful building blocks and other toys
Björk – Post
Björk – Post by ‮meeedle‬, via Flickr
a painting of a woman with black hair
Björk, the Little Golden Book
a black and white photo of a woman with braids
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a woman standing in front of a life preserver
Renaud Monfourny
Outfits, Casual, Model, Female, Cool Outfits, Style
a woman with long hair standing in front of a tree and looking at the camera
From moon 2 moon
a girl with her hand on her chin
bjork is harsh noise
a young woman wearing a coca cola shirt
Saw this on twitter....
a woman with headphones is looking at records
Served Three Ways: Three Covers of Bjork's "Unravel" - Turntable Kitchen
a woman with blue eyes wearing a green shirt
Björk celebrates 50th birthday at low-key club
a young boy and girl standing next to each other on a skateboard in the park
Bjork and Einar Orn from Icelandic group The Sugarcubes posed in...
a woman in a swimming pool with goggles on
big time sensuality: Photo
warmthestcord: “ Björk by Renaud Monfourny ”