easy come -easy go

the video for my song easy come-easy go

New track on soundcloud

New track on soundcloud

Songs of help and Shelter cover art

Songs of help and Shelter cover art

Retro-spective  collected works cover art

Retro-spective collected works, by jim manser

who we touch-who we are cover art

who we touch-who we are, by jim manser

psychedelic world presents..experimental space lab live - YouTube

This is the live footage of experimental space lab,a sonic sound adventure from jim manser and dan svarc .edited down from a fifty minute set to nine minute.

inner flights

welcome to my sonic paintings Music is my addiction.and a soundtrack for life.

River of fate by jim manser

Heres a video for river of fate ,written and composed and produced by jim manser

A psyc video for flow

Heres the very psychedelic and trippy video for the song flow by jim manser.please be warned of that this video contains strobe lighting

Road trip for my video new cult hwy

Route 50 – America’s Loneliest Road

A video for jim mansers a higher temple ...for full version please check out jim manser on sound cloud.com

Heres a psychedelic video, I quickly made for my song a higher temple.all music written played and recorded by jim manser feb 2015