Countess Sofia Alexandrovna Ferzen at the Winter Palace Costume Ball, St. Petersburg, 1903. by ~VelkokneznaMaria.

Countess Sophia Fersen, née Princess Dolgoruky, during the February 1903 Costume Ball at the Winter Palace, she died in Rome in where she is buried, Her sister Olga Princess Dietrichstein moved to Argentina after

Женский праздничный костюм. Первая половина ХIХ века. Тверская губерния Рубаха, сарафан, душегрея, головной убор «тверской укрут», платок.

Festive attire of a woman from Tver Province, first half of the century; State Russian Museum in St Petersburg

Countess Varvara Vasilyevna Moussine-Pushkinaat the Winter Palace Costume Ball of 1903, in 17th-century boyarishnya's attire.

For my 1903 Imperial costume ball challenge Countess Varvara Vasilyevna Moussine-Pushkina

Венец (коруна) - праздничный девичий или свадебный головной убор, известный на Руси с XVI века

Crown (Coruna) - a festive maiden or wedding headdress, known in Russia from the XVI century

19th century traditional Russian costume and kokoshnik from the collection of Natalia de Shabelsky (1841-1905). (

Traditional Russian costume and kokoshnik headdress from the collection of Natalia de Shabelsky, late century.

Historical russian costume - The Russian Style - Fashion - Moda - Mode

The gown and kokoshnik of Russian princesses (tcarevna) before the century. Starting this suit was annulled as civil dress and was used only at masquerades or any other performances.

1903 Ball in the Winter Palace by on @deviantART

1903 Ball in the Winter Palace: Mademoiselle Nathalie Zveguintzew (Jeune fille boyard du XVII siecle en costume d'interieur)

Festive costume of an unmarried girl from the Northern provinces. Russia, 19th century. Authentic specimen from the State Russian Museum

Collection of folk costumes in the State Russian Museum. Russian costume of North. Collection of folk costumes in the State Russian Museum