Jéssica Silva Ribeiro

Jéssica Silva Ribeiro

Jéssica Silva Ribeiro
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Um this is sad! I hate how they added a chain post to the end of this BEAUTIFUL story, I reposted because I love this story, not because of the chain, others should do the same

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Imagine you can make a hunter character and you get supply stops and from those you get plaid shirts whiskey and guns and Knives or maybe bullets and you have to buy guns

I actually told my friends this was the only way I would play something like Pokemon Go Like you help Sam and Dean capture different monsters and it starts from Season 1

Just a few guys did it? My father told me they did the same thing in his school but almost all the guys did

This should be a senior prank!<---- my brothers senior prank (not his idea.) was that all the seniors broke dress code on the same day, so the front office was completely backed up.<< That's awesome

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