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two black and white tables sitting next to each other
Bentu Design makes terrazzo furniture using recycled ceramic waste
Ceramics Made by Bentu Design
a white bowl with green, blue and pink splatters on the outside of it
OTTO Objects by Roula Nassar - Sight Unseen
a white vase filled with green leaves on top of a table next to a plant
Best Budget 3D Printers under $250, $750, and $1000 (2023 Guide) | Top 3D Shop
a tall light that is on top of a floor next to a pole with a candle in it
The Best of the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair, Part II - Sight Unseen
an assortment of different colors and textures of concrete tiles with peeling paint on them,
The Tinted, Tiled Concrete Floor We Want for Our Own Home
Pettersen_Hein_Home_Etage Projects_Photo by David Stjernholm-8168
three abstract paintings in different colors and shapes
Look Inside the Practice of Four Up-And-Coming Ceramicists - Sight Unseen
three pieces of blue and white glittered nail art with gold trimmings on them
This Brooklyn Designer is Doing Amazing Things With Industrial Rubber - Sight Unseen
ONE TRAINER KIDS in BROWN SPECKLE - Clear Weather Baby Shoes, Water, Clear Weather, No Heat, Kids Shoes, Heat
ONE-O-ONE WOMENS in PEWTER - Clear Weather Suede Fringe, Slip On Sneaker, Slip On, For Women, Sneakers
ONE-O-ONE WOMENS in PEWTER - Clear Weather
Nike Roshe Tiempo VI "Pure Platinum" Nike, Nike Roshe, Fall Winter 2016, Wedge Sneaker, Platinum, Fall Winter, Off White, Pure Products
Nike Roshe Tiempo VI "Pure Platinum" - SoccerBible
Nike Roshe Tiempo VI "Pure Platinum"
three coasters with different designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Week of November 14, 2016 - Sight Unseen
a hand holding up a colorful ball against a teal blue background that has been painted with different colors and shapes
Will Yates-Johnson - Wallpaper* Magazine - The Next Big Things
I was commissioned by Wallpaper* Magazine to create the cover of their January 2016 issue using my Polyspolia smashing and remaking process. I created large polished letters spelling out 'The Next Big Things' for the cover, as well as a solid sphere which can be found within the issue. The original Polyspolia series is also featured in the magazine's 2016 Graduate Directory as I was chosen as one of 19 recently graduated designers, selected from around the world, to look out for.
various items are arranged on a white surface, including an orange object and a blue one
Will Yates-Johnson - Polyspolia
Polyspolia is a proposal for a new manufacturing model in which an object can be endlessly broken up and remade. This project questions society's constant desire for newness based on the dream of infinite resources. Polyspolia offers a new form of consumption and a new kind of relationship to material resources. When products reach the end of their useful or favourable lives they are disposed of, never to be seen again by their owner. What if, instead of relegation to an opaque system o...