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Ancient Artefacts

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Greek, Caryatid mirror with Aphrodite, Erotes, and siren, c.460 BC
Iran , Luristan bronze statue of a female, ca 1000-650 BC. تندیس مفرغی یک زن، هنر لرستان، حدود ۱۰۰۰تا ۶۵۰ پیش از میلاد by: Virtual Museum of Iran Art on facebook. IranologySociety.
tammuz:  Detail of a relief from the Northwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at the Assyrian Imperial capital of Nimrud (883-859 BCE). Hood Mus...


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LOVE. Male and female figures from Ubirr Rock, Arnhem Land, Australia
Aboriginal rock - Bing Images
Chauvet Cave paintings (discovered 1994) Paleolithic 40,000-10,000 BCE

graphic arts

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Bird pectoral, Popayan, gold alloy, AD900-1600. © The Trustees of the British Museum
Tolima Gold, Colombia
Gold signet ring, the largest from the Mycenaean world, found in Tiryns, but made by a Minoan workshop (15th c. BCE). A procession of lion-headed “daemons” offering libation jugs to the seated goddess who raises a ritual vessel: the sun wheel & the crescent moon are in the sky


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Etruscan, Jar with lid (stamnos), late 4th century BCE
glass goods from Roman tombs of the 1st to 3rd century AD Romano-Germanic Museum in Cologne


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A collection of Roman, Greek and Carthaginian masks.
Mayan Sculpture Photograph by John Bartosik
Fang Ngil mask  Fang people, Gabon    Ngil masks were used by the judiciary association of the Fang in order to command awe and respect from the tribe. They almost always have a white faces and were probably intended to embody spirits of the deceased.


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Pre-Columbian, North Coast Peru, ca. 900-1400 CE.  In the shape of a conch Shell, right side depicting a Reed Boat with Jaguar Head as a Prow and a Sea Lion playfully jumping over the Boat; left side depicting a Flying Fish of Large Proportion, maybe a Blue Marlin.
Mirror with Handle in the Form of a Hathor Emblem   Period: New Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Reign: reign of Thutmose III Date: ca. 1479–1425 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Wadi Gabbanat el-Qurud, Tomb of the 3 Foreign Wives of Thutmose III, Wadi D, Tomb 1. Met Museum.
Silver gilt plate depicting Sassanid king during hunting,circa 500-600 A.D.


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Bowl with Grasshopper, c 1000-1150 Southwest, Mogollan, Mimbres, Pre-Contact Period, 11th-12th century | Cleveland Museum of Art
Bird with Human Head, possibly Hermes, c. 200s-300s Pakistan, Gandhara, Kushan Period| Cleveland Museum of Art
A Chihuahua dog or pisote (coatimundi)? Mexican, Late Preclassic period, 200 B.C.–A.D. 300.


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The obverse of a silver coin from Corinth (300-250 BCE) depicting the mythical winged-horse Pegasus. (British Museum, London).
Ancient chinese carved ivory
Bronze Horse, Greek Geometric Metal Art Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Museum Quality Art, Greek Art, Ancient Greece, Equine Decor http://www.pinterest.com/GreekMythos/greek-cycladic-sculpture/


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