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a sign that says i serve 3 meals frozen microwave take out with an apple on it
Funny Signs Communal Kitchens on Buy This Allposters Com
a red sign that says as for me and my house we'll roll tide
This item is unavailable | Etsy
As for me and my house Licensed Alabama Roll Tide Canvas -- Free Shipping. $20.00, via Etsy.
how to clean your front loading washing machine
How to Clean your Washing Machine
Great tutorial on how to clean your washing machine, get rid of mold and mildew and prevent it from returning. A must read!
how to get rid of soap scum and water stains with little to no scrubbing
How To Clean Soap Scum and Hard Water
How to Clean Off Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains with little to NO SCRUBBING! #cleaningtips #cleaningtricks #diy
a person holding something in their hand near a piece of tin foil on a metal object
Feed the Birdies
Removing rust from metal using aluminum foil and water! It really works!
a living room filled with furniture on top of a white carpeted floor next to a window
How to fake a clean house ...for those last minute visitors
How to fake a clean house in 20 minutes. Over 25 tips, some that you probably wouldn't think of
an image of a shower with the words before and after written in black on it
27 Incredibly Easy Ways To Spring Clean (No Matter How Much Time You Have)
Tub Cleaner: Vinegar And Dish Soap, No Scrubbing- Heat 1/2 Cups White Vinegar In Microwave For 90 Seconds, Pour Into Spray Bottle. Add 1/2 Cups Blue Dawn Dish Soap. Shake Gently To Mix. Spray On Surface, Let It Sit 1-2 Hours. Just Wipe It Away, Then Rinse With Water. Should Also Take Soap Scum Off Shower Doors.
before and after pictures of a bathtub that needs to be cleaned with water from the faucet
55+ Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks
35 Best Natural Cleaning Tips (natural cleaning recipes). just a collection of links to other blogs some good ones though.
the before and after of an old cabinet door with woodgrains on it's sides
How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets in a Few Easy Steps | Hunker
Clean away the grime.
the before and after pictures of how to clean your refrigerator coils
Putting Off Cleaning Your Fridge? Here's How To Make It Painless
Have you looked under your refrigerator lately? Did you know you're supposed to vacuum the condenser coils twice a year? Neither did I! But I do now! See how easy it is to do and how much is can SAVE you on your energy bill!
a window sill with the word tick on it and an arrow pointing up to the side
How to: Clean Window Tracks
Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into the corners, pour a bit of vinegar into a cup and pour it into the tracks. Wipe clean.
two mop heads and one duster laying on the floor
10-Minute Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Home Sparkling
Life Hacks You Need To Know | How To Clean With A Swiffer & A Sock By DIY Ready.
a person is holding a bottle in front of a toothbrush holder on the floor
Cleaning Tips: Pour all purpose cleaner into toilet bowl brush container
the before and after pictures of carpet stain remover with a cell phone on it
how to remove paint from your carpet
How to remove paint stains from your carpet.