When autumn meets winter. The snow lightly kisses the leaves. I so miss the seasons. Especially autumn and winter.

What an beautiful picture! What an amazing earth we have with what is here. We…

What an beautiful picture. This photo is so pretty. There is just one failure in this whole picture. The one failure is that leaves are not transparent so you would not be able to see through the leaf.


"Deniz" by Kemal Kamil. I love these kind of photos where everything else is so muted but then the eyes just pierce through!

утром думай, днем действуй, вечером читай, ночью спи

утром думай, днем действуй, вечером читай, ночью спи

~Ꭺųʈųɱŋ Ꭲαųƥҽ~

Photo by 1970 Pulitzer Prize winner for feature photography~ Jack Dykinga Photography

This is such a cute and inexpensive idea

Blue, Green, White and Silver Christmas Decorating Ideas. Per the creator, "These silver berries were purchased at Hobby Lobby at

Fairy Pathway by kayleighmc

The upcoming year for cryptocurrencies will likely be a big one. One frequently asked question is how many ethereum are there in terms of supply.

The good, the bad and the ugly story!

I came across brilliant pictures by Nika Kurnosova. The photoshoot is called Mermaid or Rusalka in Russian. The model is Olga Moskvina.

jimmaybones: “  horizon à la Mode ”

jimmaybones: “ horizon à la Mode ”

elf-forest-girl-long-haired-Favim.com-2810643.jpg (610×610)

Photographer Anita Anti creates some absolutely stunning images by taking fairy tale characters or just ideas from nature and adding some beautiful twists on them.