The melody of the night

Melody Of The Night - Palette Knife Landscape Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov Art Print by Leonid Afremov

live the music

how come of anime boys seem super attractive? v///v its not fair boys aren't so attractive in real life. N this how I spend every Friday night(not only boys do this


Fawnda by afugatt. such a beautiful fractal I'm getting inspired to start creating some healing fractals!


Nude,The Ultimate Erotic Photography Magazine. A photographer magazine with nude photos,focused on nude photography and nude art.

Free Cupcake Icon

A long time since I made the last (semi-)pixel icon. I learnt a lot XD Pixeling in Sai is much easier then in Photoshop.

Imperial Topaze

Looks more artistic rather than realistic, but I like it anyway. Can't wait to learn about caustics and awesome stuff like th.


Just practicing on the colors here. So feel free to suggest a name Edit: Thanks guy.