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a book cover for a choice of gods with an image of a robot on it
Creator: Mike Hinge
a painting of a woman's face with colorful circles and shapes around her head
Dr. Midnight Presents...
Mike Hinge | Art from "Rears It's Ugly Head", a comic published in Heavy Metal Magazine, 1979
an advertisement for the continental achievement award, featuring a woman with flowers in her hair
Continental Hawaii Brochure | National Air and Space Museum
a magazine cover with a white bird on it's back and people standing around
War! What Is It Good For?: Antiwar Images of the 20th Century
an old album cover with a colorful design on the front and back side, featuring a rocket
The Piper Autochord — The Peculiar Manicule
an old sheet music cover with some people playing instruments and one person holding a kite
Serenade No. 10
an orange and blue book with the words puffin's on parade written below it
Puffins on Parade 1971
Puffins on Parade (1971), from A Penguin a Day (Flickr). A psychedelic, tripped-out cover, via Maraid.
a book with an image of a man wearing a top hat and holding a wine glass
Pocahontas in London
Pocahontas in London written by Jan Wahl and expertly illustrated by John Alcorn. 1967
an advertisement for the sydney omar's astrological book, aquariusus
Design is fine. History is mine.
John Alcorn, Zodiac, 1969. Cover illustration for Sydney Omarr’s Astrological book series.
an advertisement for the los angeles street and vicinity maps
The Groovy Archives
the mod squad book is on display
The Mod Squad 1969 Vintage Book Ciover Illustration 1960s
The Mod Squad 1969 Vintage Book Ciover Illustration 1960s | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an advertisement for the japanese music album, with two men playing guitar and another man singing