Valentines Day

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two dynamites wrapped in red paper with gold foil on them
two candy bars with the words you deserves a break written on them, sitting next to each other
You Deserve A Break - Eighteen25
two valentine's day candy bars with a thank card
two toothpaste tubes sitting next to each other on top of a towel covered bed
I mento tell you
a pile of candy wrapped in brown paper with a note attached to the wrapper
a bag of candy sitting on the ground with a sign that says, hope your valentine's day is colorfully
Printable Valentines cards with Skittles - Creations by Kara
an open box filled with donuts sitting on top of a table next to a sign
colorful markers with ribbons tied around them on the floor
30+ Easy DIY Back-To-School Gifts for Students
four colorful pens with writing on them are in the shape of stickers for valentine's day
Valentine Tags - The Creative Classroom
a bag of chips sitting on top of a wooden table next to a computer keyboard
four toothbrushes with thank for being written on them
Dollar Tree Teacher Gift Ideas