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a tweet with the caption'silently work on our craft projects in the same room tonight, queen?
someone posted a tweet on their twitter account
Oc, Aes
a man in a suit and tie is surrounded by people
an image of someones tweet about the love languages in their twitter account
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please collect your factory assigned gender - Personality Quiz
the tweet is being posted to someone who has been told about her extremebly
two tweets on twitter with the same text
two texts that are on top of each other
A rockinsince86 Follow "dude" but like romantically "babe" but like platonically E crypticwafflesandvhstapes Foll "Sweetheart" but like rivalry EL gaygent-three Follow "bastard" but like partner ES, emocheezeball Follow "Darling" but I can't stand you - iFunny
It Hurts, Get To Know Me, Truth
a tweet with an image of a pig on it's face and the caption says, you guys are lucky i can't put my thoughts into words
an ad with the text head not empty, many abstract uncommunicable thoughts