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quinnkimberly: “ Wanderlust is having that voice in the back of my head telling me “we have to go somewhere, we have to move” and it just gets louder print available ”


Thank Rao, you’re safe. ___ Color version soon, but in the mean time if you like this one you can find it in my Society 6 shop: here.


Tuesday Tips SUPER WEEK - Feet I don’t often have to draw bare feet, unless I’m doing Life Drawing. When storyboarding, the focus is generally not on the feet. They also are usually covered (shoes, socks), or just not shown on screen that much.

Kara and Lena by plastic-pipes on DeviantArt. Just more of the best thing that could ever happen to Kara. Please WB, Make It So!

plastic-pipes: “I had to relearn how to photoshop, so I did a bunch of sketches from supergirl. Also used it as an excuse to play around with her outfit design, what my take on her costume would be if.

In the Morning by plastic-pipes

When you’re tired and lose a little of your impulse control and kiss your crush ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I was having some trouble with my commissions so i decided to finish up this co.