Female domination

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two women pointing at the camera with text that reads, conservatives you don't blame
a drawing of a woman with pink hair and the words refuse to find comfort in other women's claws
Greta Hollar - Nashville, TN
Fandom, Lgtbq, What Is Feminism
Human Decency, Intersectional Feminism
the text on this page is not in english
the text on this page reads, i am not afraid to know what it is
This is what I wish I could explain to my mom about sexism and bigotry in general. I make points like this and she just doesn’t get it.
the tweet has been posted to someone about their love for her husband, who is
Unpopular Opinion, Facts
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Harry Potter Humour
Witches Vs. Patriarchy
a tweet with the caption that reads, over - protective fathers only end up teaching their daughters that it's okay to be controlled and abused by their potential partners