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a drawing of two hands touching each other with one hand holding the other's arm
Painting skin
MJS online painting lessons
Realistic Portrait Painting Jewelry by Artist Eric Armusik
Timelapse of "Your Services Are No Longer Required", oil on panel.
three pictures of an old woman's face with wrinkles on her eyes and the bottom
David Kassan showing details and whole work
Figure Painting of Water Nymph by Artist Eric Armusik
Difficulty: Difficult If you’d like to use the palette I’m using check out my Portrait Painting Kit Available at Jerry’s Artarama • Lukas 1862 oils • Hamburg Premier Brushes • AlumaComp Panels • Micro Mini Brushes • Chelsea Classical Lavender Spike Oil • Click this link to get your supplies:
Realistic portrait painting techniques and details by Eric Armusik