This black brick building has a 'crack' in it to reveal the entrance.

The entrances to this brick building are pulled away like a curtain

This black brick building in Korea has sections of curved brickwork that expose the entrances, and also curve down to meet the sidewalk.

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Кнопка для браузера: страница подтверждения

Постройка дома на склоне горы Яцугатаке  2

Built by Kidosaki Architects Studio in Nagano, Japan with date Images by Photography . Located on a sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains, this house was designed on a piece of l.

дом на горе

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Роскошное шале Canelle в Каппле

Canelle Chalet 9 Contemporary Alpine Architecture: Chalet Canelle in Tyrol, Austria

House in Fukuyama 2

Дом на крутом склоне в Японии 2

This house by Suppose Design Office in Hiroshima, Japan, is nestled into the hillside beneath a road and commands views over the city of Fukuyama. Rooms requiring privacy, such as bedrooms and bathro…