yearly weekly savings plan Found this other plan for those on a tighter budget, or also good for teenagers.

Picasso Madonna

Pablo Picasso - Mother and Child, 1905 Effortless. inspiration for mother and child church commission

love the hanging cradle

A hanging crib makes the transition from womb to world a easier for your baby. Suspended from the ceiling, the crib is gently sent into a rocking motion whenever the baby wiggles. This slight rocking movement calms baby and puts him back in dreamland.


Cresus-parpi: arlequin haori (Entrelac kimono) "for kids/ prototype". Hope the 'prototype' means 'knitting pattern'!

There is something so moving and amazing about this photo. I imagine this couple is together and expecting their first child. They practice daily after their morning egg, taking over orange juice and coffee. Dreaming of their duo turning into a trio.

Clown Act or great misadventures with a hot glue gun circus photo fun

переделываем вещи, полезное рукоделие, заплатки на локтях, оригинальные заплатки, как обновить свитер, как украсить одежду

felt patch for clothes.so cute. felt patch for clothes.so cute. felt patch for clothes.so cute.

Entdecke die komplette Kollektion von Bloomingville im pinkmilk Shop!

THE PRODUCT Enjoy a mug of your favourite hot drink with this large glazed mug. The classic style has been give a contemporary glaze finish which is unique on e

DIY Babyfotos

12 Foto-Ideen für die ersten Wochen mit Eurem Baby zu Hause


Chomp puzzle books are designed to teach kids about basic food chains. Each puzzle introduces a different level of a food chain inits environment; Forest, Ocean, Arctic, Jungle, and Desert.

Hereinspaziert - Manege frei! ZirkusMusik - YouTube

Hereinspaziert - Manege frei! ZirkusMusik - YouTube

How to spot a lovely mom feed: Adorable children

How to spot a lovely mom feed: Adorable children? Also can you spot the panda theme on her feed?

Teekanne - Grau - alt_image_two

The clearest path to a soothed mind is a soothed soul, and nothing will get you there faster than cradling a wonderfully aromatic and warming cup of tea in your hands. Because tea's wonderful bouquets are even better when they come from lovingly hand-pick