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the top 25 german prepositions in each language, with different colors and numbers
Очень полезная табличка! Самые используемые немецкие... | Интересный контент в группе Немецкий язык - Start Deutsch
an info sheet showing the various types of people in different languages and numbers, with text below
Infografía: Los pronombres y artículos en alemán - Mexicanos en Alemania - Tu guía para vivir en Alemania
the words in german are written with pictures of kitchen appliances and appliances on white paper
Spiele im Deutschunterricht: Memory - die Möbel und die Einrichtung
a poster with different types of furniture and names on the front page, including chairs, tables
Немецкий язык. Запись со стены.
german food and drink poster with the words die mahlzettenn
Willkommen auf Deutsch - Essen
an old man is talking to a young boy with two speech bubbles above him that say,
Немецкий язык просто. Вопросительные слова и ответы на основные вопросы о себе.
German Words
Части тела на немецком языке
a clock with different time zones on it
Tweet / Twitter
the words in german are written with an alarm clock
Немецкий язык
a poster with words in different languages and numbers on the front, along with an arrow pointing
Изучение немецкого языка онлайн. Немецкий язык.
the german language poster with different languages and their corresponding words in blue, orange and white
German common verbs
the words in different languages are arranged on colorful squares, with one word below them
Немецкий язык