Инфографика: психология цвета в жизни и маркетинге

How to Choose the Right Colors

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Саммари бестселлера Стивена Кови "7 навыков высокоэффективных людей". Русскоязычная версия.  Доступно для загрузки здесь — https://www.dropbox.com/s/shko69f5s8gcomo/7%20habits.jpg?dl=0 (плакат А2 под печать).

Summary of Stephen Covey bestseller habits of highly effective people".


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Полезная инфографика о том, как делать идеальные посты в соцсетях

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Strange that in my remoteness I seemed to feel, as never before, the vital presence of Earth as of a creature alive but tranced and obscurely yearning to wake Poured resin artworks by Bruce Riley Title: Olaf Stapledon, Star Maker

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Paintings and prints by Bettina von Arnim Title: Donna Haraway Will 50 Watts

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In framework of editorial projects or advertising campaigns, Canadian photographer Andrew B. Myers creates interesting set design, placing in order or in disord